About Us

Overview of Awe

AWE is a small niche firm that specializes in high-end luxury residential projects. Homes designed by AWE are designer spaces incorporating the latest global trends in state-of-the-art architecture, plush interiors and innovative style. They are holiday homes that are set apart from the ordinary, where you can relax and indulge in some serious pampering for your mind, body and soul.

With a focus on Goa and especially North Goa, AWE believes in utilizing Goa’s unique resort vibe and vibrant culture to create the perfect backdrop for the dream Indian holiday villa. Private pools, an imported material and design palette and a sleek and modern design sensibility underlie each home designed by AWE.

AWE believes in sustainability and the power of nature and is sensitive to its surroundings. This means that each residence is created using international best practices as well as blending with the local environs through the use of eco-friendly materials and a green design ethos.

The value of AWE residences also lies in its choice of projects in unparalled locations that draw on the land’s inherent beauty and accessibility. These kind of luxurious homes also attract an exclusive clientele of high net worth individuals who have travelled the world and been exposed to global standards of living. Thus AWE residences will be a handpicked community of likeminded individuals living out their dream holidays.

The AWE team comes with years of experience in different aspects of architecture, design and technology. The company is a vision of the promoters who have come together to synergize their prior experiences, successes and strengths in the development of luxury residences and create the most exclusive living spaces in the country for you.